This is to ensure that our clients are well taken care of as we do not compete on pricing but on the quality and service we provide.

Allow us to break down our process and explain why we operate in this manner.

The First Meeting

Our objective is simple. We gather real-time feedback on the lifestyles

of the people living within the space, bring the information back, and analyze and plan a space that best suits your lifestyle goals.

The Second Meeting

We present our design solutions for your space with a mood board and a floor plan to demonstrate how each space flows.

Those who say a picture paints a thousand words have not tried VR. We will send you a link to a room of your choice for you to immerse yourself in your new home.

After we have nailed the layout and design style, we will then be able to propose a detailed set of quotations for the project.

The Magic Touch

After confirmation, we will start sourcing materials for your home, from types of furniture, lights, and sanitary fittings down to the look, weight, and color of the cutleries.

After we have shortlisted the items, our clients will be chauffered around to the venues we have curated to source materials such as lighting, textiles, and decorations to complete the look.

The Quotation

We do not compete on pricing but quality and service. It only makes sense that we take equal pride in our work and our prices.

It’s in our name, folks. Yes, we are bold and proud to say that we charge a flat fee of 7k to project manage and design your dream home. Never trust an ID firm with low design/ management fees, as they probably make a markup from all these other revenues.

The Handover

This is our favorite step! We pride ourselves in our work and are as excited as you to hand over your keys.

Do note that the renovation works range from a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks from the date of confirmation, depending on the scope of work.